What Are Homos Really Proud Of?

I read the following and it, like many other articles, brought the question to mind; “What is it that homosexuals *really* have their so called ‘pride’ in?”.

From the Daily News:

“‘I am very proud of being a New York City policeman.  And I’m equally proud of being gay’, Sgt. Charles Cochrane said in 1981, stunning the establishment when he testified in support of the city’s gay rights bill.”

“A group of gay cops wants a street renamed in honor of the NYPD sergeant who more than 30 years ago came out of the closet in dramatic City Council testimony.”

So they want to name a street after a cop, calling him “a hero”.

Okay, but why are they calling him a hero???

Is it because he ran into a burning building to save some children? No.

Is it because he got into a gunfight and took out a murderer? No.

It’s because he publicly announced that he was having sex with men!

Do hetero men get called heros for saying they have sex with women?

I get it. He was afraid of the response, so saying it makes him brave. Right.

Wait, I’m sorry, but how is a cop, or anyone, “a hero”, for talking about who they make bonky bonk with at night?!

“Hey guys! I have sex with men! There! I said it! Now I’m a hero! Name a street after me or somethin’, will ya?”

But if the criteria for being a hero and getting a street named after you is speaking out about who you have sex with, when you have to be afraid of the response, then what about pedophiles? Wouldn’t every member of NAMBLA be called a hero and get a street named after them then? I mean, there ya got male on male and man on boy. And talk about being afraid to speak out about it publicly! I mean, man! Them guys got that covered!

By the criteria given above about the cop, wouldn’t pedophiles be the biggest heroes of all?

Or maybe it’s just a ridiculous criteria!

So to answer the question in the title; What are homosexuals really proud of; What is all that “gay pride” about?

It’s about their sex lives! Yet they claim they’re not all about sex and that that’s a misrepresentation.

But if that is so, then why do they say that the only difference between heteros and homos is who they’re with?

If that’s true and that’s the only difference, then “gay pride” is indeed about who they have sex with and I think that’s pretty obvious by the way they half-dress in their parades!

The parades are all about flaunting homosexuality (emphasis on “sex”) and they know it! And it’s time we stopped catering to them and being “politically correct”, by pretending that we don’t know it too!

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