What Is “Anti-Semitic”?

Just FYI, you should grab your Bible before reading this and look up the passages given, paying special attention to the exact wording of each passage compared to what I am claiming.

If you don’t have a Bible handy, you can choose a translation and look up the verses here.

Anyway… I read an article today, which read in part as follows;

“A Christian journal run by Harvard University students has apologized for publishing and republishing an essay by an anonymous writer who wrote that Jews deserve to be punished by God for killing Jesus.”

Of course, Jews were outraged and of course, because being politically correct is more important than being right, the Chief Editor of the journal posted a public apology on the journals’ web site.

Personally, I wouldn’t have. Let them rant. The truth is the truth. What did they think? That killing the Son of God, or even any innocent man, would have no consequences? As I state further down, I believe that the consequences were already realized within that same generation.

The point is however, that simply stating what the prophecies of the Old & New Testaments say about this issue, does not make one an Anti-Semite. Nor does disagreeing with Jews on an issue make you one.

But things like this do bring about the question;

“What does it mean to be Anti-Semitic?”

These days, it seems to mean saying anything that Jews don’t like, even if it’s true. Many Jews these days seem to think they get a free pass when it comes to the truth. And these same Jews actually think that if it isn’t favorable to Jews, then it shouldn’t be said at all. Again, even if it’s true.

Well, as the two people who read this blog know, that type of thinking doesn’t cut it here and the truth is told, no matter whose feelings it may hurt. Sometimes hurt feelings are an inevitable consequence of telling the truth to people. That doesn’t mean that we should stop telling the truth. If anything, we should persist!

But of course, in this era of, “being politically correct is much more important than telling the truth”, when the article was printed, as stated above, the Jews raised their voices and an apology was issued.

But the truth is, if you sin and reject Christ, then you deserve and will receive God’s punishment. And it isn’t hateful to say that. It’s just a fact.

But it seems that these days, people are supposed to apologize for what they said, even if what they said was true and even if it wasn’t said out of hatred, but was just a statement of fact.

Well I’m sorry, “Mr Offended”, but if the truth I state offends you, then maybe you shouldn’t do the things you do! After all, you’re not upset because I mentioned something that you did that was good, now are you.

Simple rule; If you do something wrong, then expect someone to say it was wrong. And guess what? Killing the Son of God was wrong!

Personally, the only thing that I disagree with about the article, is the timing. Meaning, that while the writer of the article thinks that the Jews are deserving of some coming punishment, I believe that they already received it during the Jewish War in the 1st Century, A.D..

I also believe that God punished only those who were actually guilty of His death and rejecting Him and those actually guilty, lived back then.

I do not believe that God is out to punish some generation that lives 2,000 years later for a crime that happened 2,000 years earlier and who had nothing to do with it. I also do not believe that the punishment was about all Jews. Just those who rejected and killed Christ. I’m sure that’s what the writer meant. He just has the timing wrong. Why would God skip punishing the generation that committed the crime, in order to punish a generation that did not? That makes no sense and it’s certainly not justice! And my God is just!

That’s why, if the outrage from these same Jews was over the fact that the generations of Jews who lived after that time would not be the direct recipients of God’s judgment against them, then I would agree with those objectors.

But since their outrage was over any judgment at all against any Jews at all, well then, that should be relegated to a theological argument, not an outcry against anti-semitism, since it was nothing of the sort! It is an argument of religions, not anti-semitic discrimination! It was a Jew who wrote the article and he’s certainly not an anti-semitic person!

Bear in mind, that the purpose of the article was not to spread hatred for Jews for what happened. The Jewish writer was simply making a Biblical statement about the events that surrounded Jesus’ death and that those responsible would obviously be deserving of God’s punishment. The writer, who believes the New Testament as well as the Old, was simply making a logical cause and effect statement according to what the Bible, the Old & New Testaments, have to say about it (cause & effect judgment).

I.e., Kill the Son of God and you can expect something in return.

How is it anti-semitic to say that?

As a believer in both testaments, it would be ridiculous to assume that the opposite were true, would it not?

Yet that is exactly what Jews expect Christians to do! Even though we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and even though the Bible records that those Jews who lived when Jesus did were the ones who caused His death, Jews (who do not serve Christ) want us to be completely illogical and never repeat what the Bible says! They furthermore want us to believe that citing the Bible is anti-semitic!

Of course, hypocritically, they do not consider themselves to be anti- when they repeat out loud the sins that the Scriptures record other ethnicities/peoples committing!

The writer was writing about the need for salvation through Christ. And the writer by the way, was, as I said, a Jewish convert to Christ! He is a Jew!

In fact, the first converts; the first churches, were made up of Jews. That’s who the Apostles were preaching to. Reading in Acts and in the letters, we see that it was Jews preaching to Jews about Christ and the coming judgment against the Jews. So according to the objectors, Christ and the Apostles were really Anti-Semites!

So the first to have Christ preached to them were Jews, which means that the first followers of Christ were Jews. And FYI, they did not consider themselves to be in some “new religion” (they weren’t even called Christians for a while), but rather, they simply considered themselves to be Jews. Jews who were seeing the fulfillment of the prophecies given “to Moses and the prophets” (Acts 26:22-23).

In other words, what divided them from other Jews was not them joining some new religion, but rather, their interpretation of how and in whom the prophecies were being fulfilled.

But again, according to the objectors, Jews who considered themselves Jews, who believed all of the Scriptures (which was only the Old Testament at that time) and preached to their own people (Jews) out of love for them and in the face of persecution by them, were Anti-Semites. How ridiculous!

And while Jews like to promote themselves as being “God’s chosen people”, thinking that means that whatever they do is somehow ordained by God and are a people who are somehow incapable of any wrongdoing, the truth is, not all of their history is favorable to them! Even their Biblical history shows them to be a people who were very disobedient to God on a pretty regular basis, as well as being guilty of the worse possible sin that could be committed by mankind!

Did you know that? That it was the Jews (not all Jews, obviously) who committed the worse sin that man could possibly commit? I would guess that you did not, knowing the facts, but just never putting them all together.

And what was that sin? They killed the Son of God!  I know many think that it was the Romans, but they were just the tool that the Jews used to kill Jesus (Matt 27:1-2,11-26). The Romans wanted to let Him go, saying that He had done nothing deserving of punishment by the Roman legal system, let alone execution (Matt 27:22-24; Luke 23:13-15)! It was the Jews who cried out and persisted (Matt 27:25-26), even threatening Pontius Pilates position (John 19:12-13 – there is too much to explain why they could do that, to put in this article), finally getting him to cave in and execute Jesus (Matt 27:24-26; Luke 23:23-24). Also see John 19:6-7.

And let us remember, that according to Jesus Himself and the Apostles, it was indeed the Jews who killed Jesus, the Christ, their Messiah, the Son of the living God Almighty (Mark 9:31; Acts 5:24-30; 10:39)!

Furthermore, we can read all throughout the New Testament, where Jesus prophesied it and in the events where it was happening, especially in Acts, but in the letters as well, where it was these same Jews, mostly in the religious hierarchy (which was also the legal system), who were persecuting and even killing believers in Christ. The Romans did not even get involved in persecuting Christians until the 60’s A.D.. In fact, the Romans protected the Christians from persecution by their fellow Jews, seeing them as a sect of Judaism and as such, under their protection.

Even today, the Jews are nowhere near being obedient to God! I’m not talking about the struggle over the land. That’s a completely separate issue from what I am discussing here.

But think about it. They do not serve God whatsoever as a nation! They did not even consider God when they set up their government!

Were you aware that the government of Israel was set up as and still is a completely secular government?!

That’s right! Secular! Not even a mention of God! In fact, God is not even allowed to be mentioned in the dealings of the Israeli government! That’s a fact, people!

So tell me please, how does killing the Son of God, persecuting the church and now setting up a completely “God free” government, in any way make them “God’s chosen people”?!

Personally, I believe that God’s chosen people being a national thing ended in 70 A.D. and that it is now the church, made up of both Jews & Gentiles, that is “God’s chosen people”. But that is also an argument for another time and another article. :)

But anyway, my point is, that in my view, it should never be said that “the Jews”, as a people, are responsible for the death of Jesus, nor that Jews today are in any way responsible for it.

Rather, it should be said that the Jews who lived when Jesus lived and who cried out for His death and who rejected Him, are the ones who were responsible for His death and who were the ones to receive any punishment God would mete out for that action. And it is not “Anti-Semitic” to say that! It is simply a Biblical fact of history! And if you look into it, you’ll see that their punishment did come in 66-70 AD.

The truth is, that Jews simply do not like hearing that it was Jews who were the ones who were responsible for the death of Jesus and they label saying that as being “Anti-Semitic”, simply to silence Christians! And unfortunately, most Christians are mice, who will submit to the pressures of political correctness, a curse that came directly from the liberals!

Repeating what Scripture says; believing what Scripture says, does not make someone an Anti-Semite. Nor does just citing something that the Jews as a people did that was wrong make anyone an Anti-Semite.

Being Anti-Semitic means hating Jews just because they’re Jews. Like the Nazis did!

And that’s basically what the Jews are saying about anyone who believes and repeats what the New Testament says about this issue. That they are Nazis!

You hadn’t thought about that, had you?

But that’s what it boils down to! Jews calling John & Jane Doe “Nazis” for being Christians and that’s okay! So don’t you dare say that the Jews have ever done anything wrong, or you’re an Anti-Semite and you deserve everyone’s hatred!

Summation: My view of this issue…

Fact: Jewish religious leaders and other Jews who lived at the time of Jesus, had Jesus killed. Matt 23-23-39 is also a good place to read about this.

Fact: Peter stated that they did this in ignorance, not with intent against the Son of God (they didn’t believe that’s who He was) and Peter sought to convert them (Act 3:13-18).

Fact: Paul stated that salvation is offered to the Jew first and then also to the Gentile (Rom 1:16).

The position of a Christian toward the Jews should be one of love, just as toward any people. Hatred has no place in our hearts and let us remember that the Jews are not our enemy. If that were the case, it would make Jesus our enemy, since He was a Jew.

We must also remember that anyone who is not born again, is not of God. It doesn’t matter if they’re Jews or Gentiles. Anyone who is not saved, is not bound for Heaven. The Jews want you to believe that saying that makes you an Anti-Semite. But Jesus said, to Jews, that there was no way to Go, but through Him.

Our duty is to first remember that we were all sinners, who were saved by the grace of God. Next, we need to bring the Gospel to all who need to hear it. To the Jews and to the Gentiles.

This common belief today that Jews somehow hold a special place in God’s heart and go to Heaven, even without believing in Christ, is simply ridiculous! If that were the case, then Jesus would have come to the Gentiles and the first church would not have been made up of Jews, since they wouldn’t need to be saved. And yet, Paul stated very clearly that the Gospel needed to go to the Jews first. Why would he say that, if Jews are saved anyway outside of and without Christ.

The bottom line is that being an Anti-Semite means hating Jews, just because they’re Jews. It does not mean anyone who recites a piece of history that isn’t favorable to the Jews. And anyone who claims otherwise, is simply someone looking to silence someone else from telling the truth!

As for this Jewish convert who wrote the article, I do not believe that he wrote the article out of hatred for Jews. I believe that his belief system tells him that Jesus has yet to return, therefore the punishment against Jews could not have happened yet.

Therefore, his statement is not out of hatred against Jews, but instead comes from trying to state what he believes the Bible says, in an effort to help Jews come to Christ, to avoid this judgment.

And that folks, means that it comes from love for his fellow Jews and not from hatred of them! And coming from a place of love is in no way “anti-semitism”. It is the opposite of it, because love is the opposite of hate!

But Jesus, however, stated repeatedly, that He would return in vengeance within that same generation (Matt 23:35-38; 24:34) and said that it would be against those who persecuted and killed Him (too many verses to list here) and they all lived back in the 1st century!

So as I said, if all that the Jews objected to was the timeframe, then I’d be right there with them. But it’s not and thus, my objection to their objection.

And lastly, as I said, being an Anti-Semite means hating Jews, just for being Jews. I don’t. And I’m sure the writer of the article doesn’t either. So the accusation is unfounded, plain and simple.

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