Who I Am & What I Believe

I think it’s important to know what it is that someone believes, since everything they say should be viewed within the context of their core beliefs. Their core beliefs after all, well, they go to their core! :) The core of their person; of who they are. And they help to determine what type of person they turn out to be and the direction of their lives.

In other words, their beliefs determine their world-view.

With that said, allow me to now share with you who I am and what I believe.

Who I Am: Pastor, Biblical Scholar, Computer Technician, Teacher, Writer, Etc..

What I Believe:

Bible: I believe the Bible from cover to cover! I believe in the literal, 7 day Creation. You cannot have a Lord who saves man from original sin, without an original sinner, committing the original sin! Evolution means that man is an animal and there is no sin, since man is simply following his “God given” nature. As for my beliefs about the future, I don’t like labeling it, but most would call it “Full Preterism”.

Israel: I do not believe that Israel is “God’s chosen people” any longer. Not since Christ’s return (see “Preterist” above). Do not be confused. This does not mean that I am against the nation of Israel, nor Jews. I simply do not believe that they have “special access” to God any longer. I believe that ended in the Jewish War (66-70 AD).

Abortion: I am against abortion. I am definitely Pro-Life and the only exception I make, is when it’s a case in which it comes down to where only one person will live; the mother, or the baby. And in such cases, while admittedly my view may not agree even with women who are Pro-Life, because I’m a man, I would choose life for my wife. Either way a life will be lost and while we can have more children, but I have only one wife. And I do believe that the Bible supports this view.

I do believe that life begins at conception. And while the Pro-Abortion folks would tell me (no exaggeration) that “it’s not life and it’s no different than throwing out a fingernail clipping”, the fact is, I don’t know too many fingernail clippings that graduate high school in 18 years if you don’t kill them. :)

Note that I did not use the term, “Pro-Choice”. That’s because it’s not about giving women choices. Women already have lots of choices!

This is about one thing; abortion. And the Pro-Abortion people know it! And that’s why abortion is the only issue these people fight for and it is the reason that Planned Parenthood (as has been proven many times) advocates for abortion to the young women that come into their facilities and do not present motherhood as a positive “choice”! The truth is, that PP “sells” abortion! It is their financial bread & butter and it is their philosophy and agenda!

Furthermore, what young people today are not old enough to know and what older pro-abortion folks love to forget, is that originally, “back in the day”, the signs these folks carried when they picketed did not say; “Pro-Choice”. Rather, they said; “Pro-Abortion“. And that is a fact!

The pro-abortion folks later changed it, to seem to be fighting for life choices for women everywhere, while at the same time, vilifying those who do not agree with them, making it seem by their new subject line, as if anyone who opposed them was seeking to keep women down, by taking away their choices, when nothing could be further from the truth!

Folks, when you have to use deception to get your way, it only proves that you know that you don’t have a valid argument to make in the first place.

The truth is, that the only “choice” that the Pro-Life crowd opposes, is when a mother wants to murder her unborn child!

I am Pro-Life, because it is a life!

Homosexuals: When you read me saying “homo”, it is not said as an insult. I simply use this shortened word, in the same way that homos use “hetero”, when talking about heterosexuals.

I believe that homosexual acts are sin. I also believe that one’s sex life should be a private matter, not a public one. Thus, I do not determine friendships based on someone’s sex life and I think it is an error on the part of many homos, to make their sex lives a matter of international attention and to make their friendship conditional on acceptance of their sexual preferences. They claim it means, “accepting who we are”, but that simply means they are defining their whole personhood, by their sex lives, does it not? And how is that anywhere near proper?

I do not believe that homos should be physically attacked for being homosexual. I do not believe in physical violence as a solution to moral disagreements!

As I said, I believe that one’s sex life should be a private matter, not a public one!

I also believe that sex should only take place in marriage. This makes homosexual sex, fornication at best. And people seem to forget when it comes to this issue, that God does not approve of fornication, just because someone claims to love the other person. Love does not equal fornication! Thus, it is impossible that God approves of homosexual relationships, period (also see “Marriage”, below).

Marriage: Scripture makes it clear that marriage was ordained by God and that He ordained it as being between a man and a woman.

And while homos/pro-homo advocates would make claims about certain relationships in the Bible actually being homosexual relationships, the truth is, that even if we granted their claims, people doing something; something people have done being recorded in the Bible, does not automatically mean that God approves of the acts. The Bible records people cursing God. Does that mean that God approves of people cursing Him?

And so yes, I believe that the only legally recognized marriage, should be those that take place between a man and a woman, since marriage is a legal contract. That’s why a divorce requires a court proceding.

What homos and pro-homo advocates cannot do, is point to one single instance of God specifically approving of homosexual sex, nor relationships, as can be done with hetero marriage, which it is clear in Scripture that God not only ordained, but created!

Politics: I do not draw a “party line”. I can say that my “world view” is a Conservative one. That does not mean that I agree with every Republican viewpoint and budget proposal. But I am by no means a liberal. I do however, examine each issue on its own merits and come to my own conclusions, which may, or may not line up, in part, or in whole, with anyone elses conclusions.