Who’s Fault Was Her Rape?

On Wednesday, Slate published a column by Emily Yoffe titled;

“The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop Getting So Wasted.”

Yoffe began the post by naming high profile rape cases in Stuebenville and Maryville and then suggested that if women stopped drinking so much, they’d be less likely to end up getting raped.

Suffice it to say, her words did not go over too well. But the subject of this post, is why not? Because she said something wrong? Or because people are more worried about being politically correct, than they are about being correct?

On Friday, Slate published Yoffe’s response to her critics:

“I wrote a story whose message is obvious: The campus culture of binge drinking is toxic and many rapists prey on drunk young women. I said that when women lose the capacity to be responsible for their actions, sexual predators target them for attack. As banal as these observations are, I knew this story would result in a torrent of outrage.”

Her assumption was correct. It did result in a “torrent of outrage”. But why?

People were outraged, because most people are stupid sheep of political correctness. Half the time, they don’t even believe what they’re saying. They say it because they think they’re supposed to and because they know they’ll get a pat on the back if they do.

My question is; What motivates people to seek the approval of the far left nutjobs who scream out for this garbage? Of course, saying “far left” and “nutjob” in the same sentence is redundant. :)

This is all pretty simple, folks. It is stupid for young girls to get falling down drunk in a room full of young, horny drunk guys. And if anyone, man or woman, can’t figure out that basic truth, then they’re idiots!

Now, who thinks that means that I’m saying that a rapist didn’t do anything wrong when he rapes a girl who’s too drunk to consent?

Apparently, lots of people! Hence the outrage at Emily Yoffe.

And yet, that’s not at all what I said. What I am saying, is that it is not smart for anyone to put themselves in a bad situation, where the risk of something bad happening is much higher.

And don’t bother yacking about how women should be able to go where they want. That’s a liberal’s attempt to sidestep the issue, which is that no young woman should go anywhere and get too drunk to think clearly, in a house full of horny drunk men, period!

Let’s see if the following sounds smart, or stupid:

“I’m young and hot! So I’m gonna get myself lookin’ hot and I’m going to go to a party and get falling down drunk in a house full of horny young men, whose brains haven’t developed enough yet to even understand the consequences of their actions. Then on top of that, they’ll be getting drunk. Of course, I don’t expect any problems. I expect them all to understand that I have a ‘right’ to go wherever I want to and to be perfect gentlemen at all times.”

So what do you think? Smart? Stupid?

Of course it’s stupid! Yet that is the exact same plan that young women make every night of the week, folks!

This is not about blame. Of course the rapist is wrong for raping her. This is about thinking first!

A woman has the “right” to walk in a dark alley that’s known for muggings, assaults and murders. Would you advise your daughter, wife, sister, or mother to walk down that alley? If not, why not? Why aren’t you instead telling anyone who says it’s a dumb idea, that they’re defending the perpetrator? What happened to all that outrage?

Why does this outrage only appear with the crime of rape, but with any other crime, you ask her what she was thinking by being there?

The truth is, unless you’re a far left nutjob liberal, you’re just acting how you’ve been trained to by their “political correctness”, even though you know it’s not the right thing!

News Flash: If, as a young drunk girl, you’re not thinking rationally, then why do you expect the young, hormones raging drunk guy to do so? Being drunk doesn’t excuse his actions. But neither does her getting drunk after she gets there, excuse her from thinking intelligently about how dangerous getting falling down drunk at such a place could be, before she went there and before she got drunk. She has to know that young drunk horny men just may do something really stupid and really wrong!

Solution? Don’t go to where they’re all gathered looking to get laid and get drunk too. You will be more vulnerable!

Her fault she got raped? Hell no! To answer the question asked in the title; It’s his fault that he raped someone.

It’s her fault that she was there. No one made the decision to be there for her. She had a choice and she made a bad decision by going there. Again, back to the alley analogy.

So does she have any responsibility in this?

Let’s put it this way… You can’t tell your daughters to “act responsible” and then claim that they have zero responsibility when acting irresponsibly puts them in a terrible situation. It’s a mixed message, folks. And it means that she cannot say that she ended up in a bad situation, “thru no fault of her own”. And whether you want to hear it or not, that puts all of this confusion on you, just as much as her!

Nothing excuses rape. But don’t set out to confuse. Teach her that acting responsible means making good decisions and being accountable to herself when she doesn’t, so that she can learn from them and not repeat them.

Her responsibility was in the decision to be there or not. And not dealing with that fact with her and putting the idea in her head that she has zero responsibility in avoiding potentially very bad situations when possible, is not helping her! It’s just more far left nutjob claptrap!

The rape is his fault. Being there is her fault. And Emily Yoffe’s message was not to blame the victim! Her message was for women to be safe!

As for the story of the girl who got raped (Daisy Coleman) that started all of this, what happened to her and her family was very, very wrong and I hope everyone involved, from the boy, to the D.A. is prosecuted!

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