Words That Make Me Rage!

I am a firm believer in people using proper English. I do not make excuses for, nor make a place for improper English. And this thinking today, that instead of demanding that people use proper English, that we should instead call their ignorance a language (like with “ebonics”), just really urks me!

What also urks me, is the appalling and pathetic inability of people today, to spell even simple words! It is so appalling and pathetic now, because it is seen even in newspapers and magazines! Even those now are examples of poor grammar, including poor spelling, badly worded sentences, incomplete sentences, bad punctuation, etc..

Not only that, but where it used to take real effort to find such errors in printed publications like these, they are both easily and readily found today!

And what makes this so appalling, is that today we have computers with word processors that include spell checkers!

In other words, peoples’ English skills, even of those who write the language for a living, has gotten so poor, that people are unable to put out a correctly spelled document, even when a computer is doing the spelling for them!

And as for the general public at large, fahgedaboudit! :)

Now contrast this to all of history, when people didn’t have computers and had to dip their quill in some ink and get it right the first time, because there were no “pens” as we know them and there were no erasers and people did not have hundreds of pages of paper laying around to waste as they pleased. People then, who were able to receive an education, also treasured it and didn’t act like idiots in school, like children do today, treating their lives like Lady Gaga and smoking a joint is way more important than their educations!

And unfortunately, it’s gotten so bad, that there are word/phrase errors that have become so ingrained into our society, that people actually think that they’re using our language correctly!

But it’s never too late to correct bad habits! Especially bad language habits, which are amongst the easiest to correct!

So let’s look at some of the most common errors, which even include words and phrases that aren’t even actually words!:

01) Whole Nother – There is no such word as “nother”. Just say, “another”, or “whole other”.

02) Vica-Versa – There’s no “a” sound in the first part. The term is; “Vice Versa”.

03) Nauseous – This word means, “to cause nausea”. You can’t be “nauseous”. You can however, be “nauseated”.

04) Expresso – There’s no “X”. It is not, “expresso”. It is a cup of “espresso”.

05) Announciate – Please “enunciate” when you make up words! Or even “annunciate”. But certainly do not “announciate”! Why not? Because there’s no such thing. :)

06) For all intensive purposes – This one is a huge pet peeve of mine! I think that probably 90% of people say this one incorrectly!

So let’s get this one straight right now;

The phrase is actually, “For all intents and purposes.

07) Sherbert – That’s right folks! There’s no such thing as “sherbert”! There is no second “r” there! It’s “sherbet”.

But what’s really odd? Is that for some reason, this is the one word in this list, that no one will believe me on and will instead open up their dictionaries and look it up.

Let me save you some of the trouble. :)

You can look at all these results.

08) Irregardless – Ever been mentally stuck while speaking and had to make that literally split second decision on whether to say, “regardless”, or “irregardless”?

Well, you can now rest easy, because your decision will be very, very simple from now on!

Why? Well, that’s simple too! It’s because there’s no such word as “irregardless”! Therefore, the correct word to use will always be, “regardless”.

09) Supposably – Very simply, this is not a word! The correct word is, “supposedly”.

These last three are really big pet peeves for me! It makes me cringe when I hear people say them! :)

10) Conversate – No such word folks and believe me, you have never “conversated” with anyone!

You may however, “converse” with someone. :)

11) I Could Care Less – Now just think about what you’re saying here, when you say this!

People think that when they say this, that they’re saying that they don’t care about something at all.

But in reality, what they’re saying, is that they do care!

Think about it… You could care less.

In other words, you have just said that it is possible for you to care less!

What you need to be saying, is that you could not care less!

Therefore, the correct phrase to use is;

“I couldn’t care less.”

12) Literally – Oh, man, does this one get under my skin and make the raaaaaggge boil over!

To say that something “literally” happened, is to say that it actually happened. That it really did happen.

Why is that a problem? Simple! Pay attention now. :)

I have heard people say things like;

“I literally jumped out of my skin!”.

Uh, no, you didn’t! If you “literally” jumped out of your skin, then you would have jumped up and your skin would have fallen off you to the ground. Then you would have fallen to the ground, dead!

Because that folks, is what literally jumping out of your skin means!

Thus, since in the above example the phrase was used figuratively, you would correctly say;

“I jumped out of my skin!”

…and people will correctly assume the “figuratively” part. :)

So now, all seriousness aside folks, hopefully the above benefited you! Because when you try to use big words that you don’t even really understand in an attempt to sound smart, in reality, you’re not making yourself look intelligent. You’re just making yourself look foolish.

And when others around you who don’t know the words either start copying you, figuring that you do know, you have now become responsible for spreading your own ignorance to others, who now look just as foolish as you do and that’s thanks to you.

Yes people, language is how we communicate, in case you weren’t aware and you are teaching others something, whether good or bad, every time you open your mouth.

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