You Chimp Loving Pig, You!

You know, when atheists attack the Bible, they talk about how it’s a bunch of fairy tales made up from the imagination.

And of course, when they talk about evolution, they tell us how it’s “science” and how it’s “proven”.

However, when evolution is examined, we find that it has not been proved at all and that it is simply a component of the religion called “Atheism” and that it is built on nothing more than fairy tales that come from the imaginations of men who refuse to believe in God and thus choose instead to believe that nothing exploded and here we are (Big Bang + Evolution)!

The truth is, that even the big names in evolution, when in private, will admit that their theories are built on assumptions and take faith and are full of contradictions! For example, one scientist noted that he saw land deposits grow 20″ in 8 years, yet in order to align with the “millions of years” evolutionary view, he was taught to believe in 3″ for every 1,000 years. Everyone knows that this makes no sense, yet they still repeat the evolutionary model as if; “It’s proven fact and only those right wing, religious, anti-science, creationist Jesus freaks would dispute it!”.

The truth is, that there are many evolutionists, even popular ones, that know that what they claim is science is actually built on made up fantasies! Like the Big Bang, “nothing exploded and here we are” model. But they stick with it anyway. Why? Not because it’s “science”. But rather, because they just can’t switch to the alternative, which is a God who thoughtfully designed it all and planned it this way.

So even though we all know that something from nothing requires a creator and even though they know that their beliefs don’t make scientific sense, they will continue to believe it, because a creator God means there’s a higher authority that they must answer to.

Now let me be very clear here! I am not saying that evolution never happens! It does and that is an absolutely proven fact of science that microevolution occurs! For example, all of the different species of dogs (canids) have a common ancestor. A type of dog. And those dogs probably did come from their common ancestor, which was probably a wolf. But what is a wolf, but another type of canid. The bottom line is that all types of dogs and wolves are of the same kind, which is the “canid”, or “canidae”.

What I am saying however, is that the “goo to you, by way of the zoo” type of evolution (macroevolution) that the evolutionists claim is proved by the fossil record, simply does not occur, nor has it ever been shown to occur!

The reality is that evolutionists make lots of claims about fossils proving their case, but in fact, when this supposed “fossil record” is examined, this supposed “evolution of man” crumbles every time! In fact, the evolutionists can’t even agree on which fossils are involved, or in what order they should appear!

Furthermore, evolutionists cannot even agree on the origin of man (how man got here)! In fact, question 10 evolutionists about how man got here (specifically) and no two of them will agree exactly! And the truth is, that those evolutionists who answer honestly, will simply say; “We don’t know exactly which type of ape man evolved from”.

Okay, so then why insist that it happened, if you can’t even say how? Doesn’t not knowing how it happened mean that in fact you do not have fossil proof, which means that it is actually just the imaginations of those who believe it, only because they don’t like the alternative?

Think about it. What does it mean when it is not proved by the fossil record and yet the scientists who believe in evolution insist that it is proved by the fossil record? And what does it mean when they can be quoted admitting that they cannot prove this claim and yet keep making the claim? Think about it carefully now, folks!

Meanwhile, if you corner them by asking which type of ape it was that man evolved from, they will tell you that man did not evolve from ape, but rather, both ape and man evolved from a common ancestor.

They think that changing the claimed evolutionary model on the fly will shut you up!

Don’t stop there though! Keep pushing! Ask what that common ancestor was and you’ll find out that it was a type of ape.

So yes, they are claiming that man came from ape!

Of course, if you ask where the fossils for this “common ancestor” are, then they cannot provide them. Instead, if you keep pushing (and I always do), they’ll say; “Maybe it was a seamonkey and that’s why we don’t have any fossils from them”.

Yup! You read that right, folks! And no, I’m not kidding, guys! I’ve participated in a large number of debates and that is actually a fairly common answer!

But hey, yes, of course because man and ape evolved from a common ancestor and no one knows what type of ape this common ancestor was, maybe it was a seamonkey! Yea, sure!

Of course, you don’t know Mr Evolutionist, because you don’t have any fossils from it, which means that you just pulled it from your imagination, based on your preassumed belief that it happened! And as for the rest, you also claim that’s proved, even though there is no such thing as a chain of fossils that prove the evolution of ape to man!

So in other words, evolution is proved because you have no proof! Gotcha!

But hey, if anyone dares to doubt it, tell them that evolution is a fact of science and the fossil record proves it. Gotcha!

Of course, they never tell you how in reality, in many, many ways, man is actually closer to other mammals (pigs, dolphins, etc). But don’t worry, now we have the new champions of evolution, who will fill in one of the gaps and tell us how man actually happened because one day a male pig got the hots for a female chimp and decided to make little pig-chimps and voila! Along came man, the pig-chimp hybrid!

No, I’m not kidding! Check out the link there yourselves!

Of course, on the bright side, if it’s true, it means that Muslims are part pork and now that they know, they should start offing each other any day now, swiftly and almost completely ending our terrorist problem once and for all! :)

But of course, we have to ask; What about the rest of the genetic code that doesn’t line up with either of them, but may be closer linked to other mammals, like dolphins, for example?

Who knows, right?

Hey, maybe the pig and the chimp went down to the beach and had a 3-way with a dolphin?

But hey, don’t think the worse of them folks! I mean after all, evolutionists do deny that they preassume their evolutionary belief system and that they try to force fit the data into their belief system, don’t they?

So “goo to you, by way of the zoo” must have already been proved by the fossil record, right?

Oh, except for those seamonkeys, of course!

But these evolutionists would never just make stuff up to suit their beliefs, right?

Naw, they would never do that! Just because there isn’t one single fossil that demonstrates this pig-chimp union, doesn’t mean that this guy imagined it up! Hey, he’s a real scientist, right?

And after all, evolution has been proved by the fossil record, right? :)

Speaking of the fossil record, take a look at this new piece of news:

“Researchers were able to extract DNA from a leg bone that was estimated to be 400,000 years old. After extracting the DNA from a femur bone, Matthias Meyer, who published his findings in a study in the journal Nature, was able to replicate the entire genome for the ancient human relative.”

Now never mind that genetisists, et al, who extract, type, etc., DNA for a living, are amazed when they get even a partial DNA sequence from bones (usually from inside a tooth) that are only 50-100 years old and nevermind that they usually only get a partial sequence and nevermind that the word “fossil” means bones that have already turned to stone, when you’re an evolutionist, you can easily expect to get whole sequences; the full genome from those “bones turned stones” 400,000 years later!

Another article on the find states that it is causing them to “rethink how man evolved”.

In other words, what they previously claimed was wrong, yet they still don’t bother pausing for a hot minute to rethink their choice of belief in evolution.

But hey, just because every single claim they ever make about the evolution of man is always later shown to be in error and they’re constantly being forced to remove supposed “steps” in the evolution of man, that doesn’t mean that they should wonder if maybe they’ve hitched their horse to the wrong wagon to begin with. No, of course not! It’s “evolution” and it’s been proved by the fossil record, dontcha know?!

So lets just keep teaching our school children the same old, “long ago debunked” evolutionary steps of man from ape! How can we possibly go wrong by teaching children using bad information, as long as it promotes evolution?

Sadly, more than one popular evolutionist actually agrees (and has stated it) with doing that!

Since when; In what other subject, has it been okay to teach students falsehoods to promote an idea as truth, that has no actual, provable support?

Think of Social Studies/History. When the popular views were revealed to be untrue, the information began to be corrected.

Evolution (macro) is the only thing I know of, that has zero proof for it and yet, continues to be taught as a proven fact! The children are shown microevolution (which is a fact) and then told that it means that macroevolution is a proven fact!

I.e., they’re shown the small changes within a kind that is already in its genetic code to do and then they’re told that all of these changes add up to the big changes from one kind to another, entirely different kind (dinosaurs to birds, etc). Never are they shown all of the millions of bit by bit changes that would be required, with fossils! In truth, all of the kinds, to the amazement of evolutionists, always appear fully formed, contradicting evolution!

Yet evolutionists continue to claim that it is a fact, pointing to fossils as “the proof”!

Evolution remains today, being taught as “proven”, even though what supposedly proves it, in truth contradicts it!

Even Darwin said that the only thing that could prove his theory true, would be fossils. And he later lamented over the fact that they had not been found!

But I guess if you’re an evolutionist, all you need to do is claim it’s proved and just make stuff up, like “pig-chimp man”!

Heck! You even get to call that “science” and make fun of those stupid creationists for not believing in your “proven science” and talk about how they believe in magic! Yea, they’re not like you (evolutionists) at all! You have “science” on your side, not magic!

Yea, sure you do! Fossils, anyone? :)

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