You Go, Captain Grrrl!!!

This is going to hurt our fighting forces!

Let me start by saying right off, that I am dead set against women in the Infantry!  If you don’t know what the differences are regarding the different sections” in the Army, etc., then definitely look it up!  But for now, think of the Infantry, in a worse case scenario, as soldiers in hand to hand combat.  Then see what you think about a bunch of women being what stands between you and the enemy, who by the way, don’t have women in their Infantry divisions!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is always going to be the rare exception.  But forget about all your “Grrrl Power” crap, while pointing to the one woman on planet Earth who fought a gorilla, a bear and a lion at the same time, killed them all, then ate them and then started a new clothing line called “Dead Bear” with their skins, while you pretend that that represents all women and let’s deal with the reality of this, instead of your emotions.

The fact is, women in combat is a bad idea!  And it severely weakens our fighting forces!  We’re not talking about pushing a launch button on a sub here.  We’re talking about women trying to take out the enemy by hand, if necessary!  And we all know that none of those liberal, social media “Grrrl Power – I’m a Feminist!” rants are going to help them in that situation!  And the truth is, in general, women know that and don’t want women in those positions.

Generals have been speaking out against this Obama move, warning him that it would weaken our military’s capabilities and told him that our fighting forces that stand between our enemies and the loss of our freedom, is simply and absolutely not the place for a politically correct, “You Go Grrrl!” test bed!

But of course, once again, political correctness and the FemiNazi; “A woman can do anything a man can do, but better!” lie wins out over common sense, as usual!

Now given the situation and the fact that our infantrymen are going to and already do resent this, because on the battlefield, political correctness is simply an enemy that can and will cost you your life, you would think this type of stupidity would be avoided at all costs!  After all, it’s the fate of our nation that’s on the line here!  But no one (Obama) seems to care about that!

So even though a lack of morale will get entire platoons killed, no one is going to try to help here!  Instead, not only are they going to insert women into the Infantry, because just doing that and busting down morale isn’t good enough, but they have to make sure that they completely wipe it out by inserting these women (who don’t know a damn thing about serving in the Infantry) into the Infantry as Officers, over the men, so that the men will now be taking orders from and saluting as officers and warriors, the very same soldiers (these women) who aren’t actually capable of being what they’re ordering the men to do, which is to be a strong, winning fighting machine!

That’s right folks!  They’re (so far) inserting 22 women into the Infantry, but not one of them will have to fight their way up the ranks!  Instead, every last one of them will enter the Infantry as Officers!  At least one will enter the Infantry as a Captain and all the rest will enter it as at least 2nd Leiutenants!  Not one will enter into this military as a Private and have to work their way up, like the men did!

This is like owning the Dallas Cowboys and then, to be politically correct, adding a few women in, who have never played tackle football and some having never played football at all and starting them off as Quarterback, Head Coach, Asst Coach, etc..  And then, on top of that, demanding that the men, who are actually professional football players, address them as their bosses and respect them, while they, the women, who have never even played, come up with all of the strategy and shout orders at the men during the game!

Of course, when morale and the teams’ record goes down the tubes, the men will get the blame!  And if they happen to win one, to be politically correct, the women will get the credit and the praise that goes with it!

Now how’s that for “fair and equal”, huh folks?!

Oh yea!  You showed them how to climb your way up the promotion ladder through skill, bravery and acts of heroism!  Yea, you go grrrl!!!  And don’t worry!  We’ll blame the low morale on the men as the cause of it and showcase you as an example of how women bring a better attitude and have better morale than the men!  I mean hey girl, look how fast you made officer!  Way faster than what it took those inferior men, girl!

This is just plain stupidity!  Heck, I’d be smiling and happy too, if I entered in as a boss and didn’t have to earn it and those who did had to salute me for later staying relatively safe, while sending them out to die, because I don’t know what I’m doing, so my strategies suck!

Actually, I’d feel terrible about it!  And I’d feel thay way because I am a man and I’d know that I don’t deserve to be telling these men how to fight and win, because I’m not qualified!  Not yet, at least!

But for women, it’s different.  Their goal is to further their FemiNazi delusions and they don’t care what the cost is to men, because they want men to be forced to their knees by any means necessary!  And men have been dying to protect women since the dawn of time anyway (there’s that “male privilege” again!), so what’s a few (thousand) more, when they’ve got a delusion agenda to promote, right?  And after all, Obama’s backing their delusion agenda too!

That’s right!  You go grrrl Mr President!

And what about being physically qualified?!

I don’t care what they feed to the media, to feed to us!  The physical standards to pass the physical training will have to be lowered for women, which means a weaker fighting force!  Period, end of story!

And what do you think the Taliban will do with the female soldiers that they capture?  Respect them as feminists?!  I think not!  Those women will be sold to the highest male bidder, or given away as presents and tortured regularly and at some point, killed!  And none of their “Misogynist!” name calling from the safety of their iPhone 6 at home is going to help them!  No, “You Go Grrrl!” mantra is going to save them!

Like every other time when the job has to be done, regardless of the lie women tell, they will turn to the men for help, because if there is any chance of these women being rescued and brought back, it will be the men who will have to do it!

But hey, we don’t really need to worry about any of that anyway, do we?  I mean, like any physically demanding job, the men, experienced in battle, will be sent by the women who have zero battle experience and just got out of officers school (just skipping all that “try to stay alive long enough to be promoted” stuff), right into the mix, to do the heavy lifting, while they (these women) stay back a ways and nag at give orders to them about what they (the men) should be doing and how to do it, of course doing their nagging giving of orders from the safety of being behind all of the men.

In case you’re wondering, this is so that there’s a much smaller chance of any of the women getting killed, because Obama needs them alive to hand all of the credit for the wins to, so he can show everybody how wrong they were about this!

But what if one does die?  Don’t worry!  She’ll be promoted in the liberal media as a hero and as the bravest soldier who ever lived, having stayed behind shouting orders into her radio from her tent 2 miles away from the fight led the men into the fight and being personally not responsible for taking down none of the entirety of the Taliban forces (quite a radio, huh?), due to her superior strategy and fighting skills!

Yea, I can’t wait to read all about their lies heroism in the liberal lie rags news! :-)

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