You Wanna Come Back Where? Here?!

Bringing the Western girls of the world who expect to be able to join a militant terrorist group and then get a pussy pass to come back to Europe, or other Western countries as described here, is a waste of money and diplomatic efforts, since it just signals to others that they can join a violent death cult and then be welcomed home with open arms, simply because they have a vagina.

And if you don’t think a pussy pass is involved then you’re blind. We’ve seen multiple cases of women who get messages home saying they want to return being brought back, sometimes at the price of the lives of soldiers and it’s called a “rescue”.

And after debriefing, they’re provided with “psychological help” because (we’re told) they’ve been brainwashed and need deprogramming, so they can return to their families and live happily ever after.

Yet the men are left to figure out their own escape and if they’re somehow able to do so (many are shot dead or beheaded for trying) and if they make it, they’re arrested on terrorist charges as soon as they cross the border into their homeland and they usually end up in prison for years, or even life as traitors, while the poor little females are at home in their rooms, hugging their teddy bears and sleeping in their nice warm, comfortable beds, free to roam the country with the media headlines telling everyone what poor little victims they are. And all solely because they have a vagina.

You see, men must pay for what they do. But women are free to do what they want, even shoot at and kill our troops and recruit others to be terrorists, all with zero consequences because it’s not their fault, right? They’re “victims”, right?

Still don’t believe in the “pussy pass”? Think back on all those cases when men wanted to leave ISIS and when women wanted to leave ISIS. Were the results the same for the two sexes? Think now. You know they weren’t!

Feminists whine about “male privilege”. Does this sound like “male privilege” to you?

The truth is, women have always been able to do foolish things with zero consequences! And that’s because women have always been coddled!

And as for these women, later on, they’ll play the victim, making lots of money telling their “harrowing tale of captivity by ISIS”, leaving out the part about how they chose to run away from home and join ISIS, becoming traitors by their own free will. Nor will they tell how they beat other women with canes across the bottom of their feet when they broke the tiniest of rules (standard practice), nor how they shot at our troops when necessary. And of course, they will then say that they almost died trying to escape and they will leave out the part about how it was the soldiers who actually did it for them.

Yes, you’ve heard those stories, haven’t you.

Yes sir, it’s called a “pussy pass”, gentlemen!

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